About Us


Drawing on the international experience of our designers, our pieces are conceived from a global design perspective. Unity Makers furniture comes out of a design process which combines the traditional pencil and paper with cutting-edge computer modelling. Our designers carefully choose the right materials and work closely with Kenyan craftsmen in the Unity Makers workshop to ensure each design becomes a beautiful finished piece of furniture.


All of our furniture is made locally at our workshop in Nairobi, Kenya. Not only is this good for the local economy, but it also allows us to carefully control the production process in order to offer the best quality to our customers. Our Kenyan craftsmen are highly skilled with years of experience. This may not be the cheapest or easiest way to make furniture, but we believe it’s worth it.


We believe that it is possible to create quality hardwood furniture without harming our environment. To that end, Unity Makers is committed to responsibly sourcing timber. We are seeking partnerships with NGOs, relevant government authorities, and directly with individual harvesters to ensure that the wood we use is sustainably harvested.

We're transitioning to bigger things

New and beautiful stuff will be coming soon from Unity Makers. To give ourselves time and space to make the transition, we've temporarily stopped taking new orders. If you'd like to know more about our new revamped offer, please enter your details below.