Pamoja Campaign - Free furniture touch up service from Unity Makers

Pamoja Campaign - Free furniture touch up service from Unity Makers

June 02, 2020

A few weekends ago, I was seated with a friend on my balcony, covered from head-to-toe with sawdust, sipping a cold craft beer and grinning with satisfaction at the makeover we’d just given my outdoor furniture. Frankly, it was long overdue but kept being conveniently swept into the cracks under the guise of lack of time. However, with Covid-19 seriously limiting outing options, the balcony became the go-to place and the embarassing state of the furniture could no longer be ignored.

If you’re like most people, “working from home” you’re just no longer able to ignore the chinks, chips, scratches and stains on your home desk or dining table that you have conveniently ignored because they now stare starkly at you as you sit on that desk for the umpteenth Zoom call. We won’t even get into the havoc caused by kids “studying from home” and using the dining table for their doodling.

After my makeover weekend, I discussed with my team and touched base with a few clients, and we thought; why not spread the cheer around in these gloomy times? Perhaps this is just what most of our larger Unity Makers family need but just can’t seem to get round to. So, we’re returning the love and living up to our brand by offering a free touch up service under our new “Pamoja (meaning “together”) campaign.

As we make this offer, we’re very alive to the fact that we have a large client base and we expect most of you to sign up for the campaign. At the same time, we need to plan the campaign in a manner that allows us to deliver high quality service consistent with our brand but within the constraints of our existing capacity. The first thing is that we’ll restrict the offer to the following:

  • Furniture delivered to home clients and NOT offices
  • Clients living in Nairobi
  • Furniture made from wood and steel
  • There will be no upholstery work retouches

The service will mostly entail resanding, varnishing, tightening joints etc. If the nature of the intervention required is more extensive, some service fees may be applicable. Before making any outright commitments, we’ll evaluate the number of requests received and then plan around  these numbers. To help us manage the logistics of the campaign, this is how we plan to run the show:

  1. Whereas the retouch service is free, we shall require that you pay only for the subsidized transport cost for pick-up and delivery which is estimated at KES 3,210/=;
  2. All the retouching will be done at our workshop on Ngong Road. We shall pick up the pieces from your home and deliver them back;
  3. Anyone interested in participating in the campaign will need to sign-up here. The deadline for signup is Sunday 14th June at 7pm (EAT);
  4. Once signup is closed and we have analyzed the number and nature of requests received, we shall communicate the next steps on Tuesday 16 June. We shall at that point inform you of the retouch we’ll be able to do for you, when we can pick up the pieces from your place and when you should expect them back;
  5. If you’re happy with the terms, you'll confirm your participation by submitting the transport cost of KES 3,210/= via Mpesa to Till Number 897463. All payments must be made by Wednesday 17 June at 5pm. Please make payment ONLY AFTER we have communicated on Tuesday 16th on how we shall proceed with your specific request.

I can already read the question in your mind…”Will we offer the service for furniture that was NOT purchased from Unity Makers?” Well, if you ask nicely, we just might;). At the end of the sign-up form, you can indicate whether you have non-Unity Furniture that you would like us to also retouch. When we finally communicate on Tuesday 16th, we shall let you know at our complete discretion if we can take this on or not.

Finally, over the last few months with things on the slow, our creative juices have been running and we have beautiful new creations suitable for both home and office. We have formed innovative partnerships with a local automotive company and a local university that allows us access to their high-end precision equipment enabling us to take on increasingly complex designs. So expect to see more of those. In the meantime, we have the first fruits of these partnerships which are beautiful and versatile pieces that we’ll be releasing soon. However, as usual, as our existing clients, you get to have a sneak peek at the new designs and if you’re interested, you can purchase them at a promotional price before they go fully public. If you would like us to email you a sneak preview of the new designs and order them at a pre-launch promotional price exclusive to our existing clients, you can sign-up here and we shall send you the details.

If you have any questions about our Pamoja Campaign, you can email them to, or reach out to Joy Chege on +254 254 716 589 026.

Always a delight to serve you.



Robinson Esialimba


Unity Makers

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