Since we make things out of plants, we think it’s a good idea to grow them too. We have a selection of different species and sizes available for sale on our Nairobi premises. Stop by to see what we have or order for delivery!

Small Plants
  1. Butterfly Plant Small
    Butterfly Plant Small
  2. Ten Commandments Small
    Ten Commandments Small
  3. Water Plant Small
    Water Plant Small
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Medium Plants
  1. Madira Plant Medium
    Madira Plant Medium
  2. Ten Commandments Medium
    Ten Commandments Medium
  3. Kokomanga Plant Medium
    Kokomanga Plant Medium
  4. Lily Plant Medium
    Lily Plant Medium
  5. Fern Plant Medium
    Fern Plant Medium
  6. Jade Plant Medium
    Jade Plant Medium
  7. Anthurium Plant Medium
    Anthurium Plant Medium
  8. Dieffenbachia Plant Medium
    Dieffenbachia Plant Medium
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Large Plants
  1. Bamboo Plant Large
    Bamboo Plant Large
  2. Dracaena Plant Large
    Dracaena Plant Large
  3. Ficus Plant Large
    Ficus Plant Large
  4. Lily Plant Large
    Lily Plant Large
  5. Lisava Plant Large
    Lisava Plant Large
  6. Dracaena Plant Large
    Dracaena Plant Large
  7. Monstera Deliciosa Plant Large
    Monstera Deliciosa Plant Large
  8. Muthira Plant Large
    Muthira Plant Large
  9. Rubber Plant Large
    Rubber Plant Large
  10. Schefflera Plant Large
    Schefflera Plant Large
  11. Snake Plant Large
    Snake Plant Large
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Extra Large Plants
  1. Bamboo Extra Large Plant
    Bamboo Extra Large Plant
  2. Cactus Extra Large
    Cactus Extra Large
  3. Golden Palm Extra Large Plant
    Golden Palm Extra Large Plant
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Why buy plants from us ?
  1. Composition
    Most of our plants are a full composition, with either ground cover or decorative stones complementing the main plant.
  2. Composting
    We make our own compost on site. We then mix this natural fertilizer into high quality black soil to give your plant the best growing conditions.
  3. Customise
    Choose your own pot. We can customise our pots for you or repot your chosen plant. If you bring your own pot we will be happy to pot your plant for free.
  4. Planting
    We can plant them in your garden or at your home for a modest fee.
  5. Delivery
    We can deliver to you within Nairobi for a fee, just ask for a quote.
  6. Sourcing
    If you are looking for a specific plant we don’t have on hand, we can probably get it for you. Just ask us!
  7. Pricing
    We sell our plants at fair fixed prices, so you will never be quoted a ridiculous price, have to negotiate, and then worry you overpaid.
  8. Corporate
    For corporate clients within Nairobi, we offer plant maintenance contracts. Please inquire for a quotation and more details.